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Charity Benefits Unlimited® works behind the scenes to make your auction fundraising events simple on you and successful for your organization. As a locally owned and operated company with over 30 years of experience in fundraising and memorabilia, you and your guests may rest assured that all signed items are 100% authentic and include Certificates of Authenticity. In addition to collecting many of our signed items in person, CBU uses nationally known signature authenticators for all items obtained outside of our company. We provide our services to over 150 charities and organizations every year, a number that continues to grow. Regardless of your event’s size, demographics, or fundraising goal, CBU is dedicated to making it a success!


Meet The Team

Kyle Bell

Master Memorabilialist

The government will neither deny nor confirm his involvement in the destruction and rebuilding of the Egyptian pyramids.

Lori Evans

Head Number Cruncher

She once built an entire house...out of individual MS Excel cells...literally.

Noelle Kranz

Crew Chief

After leaving the Elite Israeli Secret Service Noelle has dedicated her life trying to prove the governmental Velcro conspiracy.

Oliver Keller

Mission Control "Flight"

Genius by day, German technical support operator for the Schleich German Toy company by night, specializing in toy assembly.

James Hunt

Creator of all Things

James once wrestled Batman out of his suit, which he now wears as his PJ's.

Scott Nickels

Pounder of Pavements

Once scaled the tallest building in Chicago only to tell King Kong a joke. We now utilize his tracking abilities for good, not evil.

Larry Pearson

Shipping Logistisist

Lawrence struck it rich when a torn pair of under britches led to the invention of expensive shredded designer jeans.

Haley Rhodes


Can quote Charlie Sheen like an AK47 spits out shells....seashells shaped like cats...cats and sugar gliders.

Spenser Scheinman


Spenser's fourth great-grandfather created the ultimate party college, ASU. His third great-grandfather then founded the U of A to correct the mistake.

Darcy Graham

Mission Impossiblist

Once balanced a checkbook on the back of her horse while reciting the entire movie, The Princess Bride.

Cortney Weedman


Once fought a beaver using only a sling shot made out of her makeup bag then tickled a bear to death with spirit fingers.

Kaitlyn Bishop

First Impressionist

After leaving Justin Timberlake's backup dance crew, Kaitlyn became a one-hit wonder with the song "Got Applesauce in My Overalls."

Chris Warmbold

Head Negotiator

After creating the Hummer for the military in the 90s, he now spends his days creating finishing moves for wrestlers in eastern Lithuania.

Jesse Green


Once closed the sale of a used Justin Bieber fedora while baking brownies and bathing his pet Bald Eagle, Ursula.

Andi Bell

Auction Fulfillmentalist

Andi helps collect payment from our auction bidders. She can be reached at (480) 837-0090 or

Francine Leister

Auction Fulfillmentalist

Francine helps collect payment from our auction bidders. She can be reached at (602)568-8596 or

Charity Auctions

No matter the size of your event, Charity Benefits Unlimited® will work with you to exceed your fundraising goals! We will provide items of your choice to your organization on a consignment basis, with no financial obligation or risk on your part. Items that do not sell at your event will be returned to us at no additional cost to you.

Charity Benefits Unlimited® makes organizing and managing a fundraising event fun, easy and stress-free. Our services can help you take your fundraising event to the next level and are available at no cost to you. As you plan your event, Charity Benefits Unlimited® offers you complete access to our extensive product collection at true wholesale pricing.

With their experience of working over 150 fundraising events yearly, our fundraising specialists are able to help you strategically choose the best items for your event’s demographic, and can even be present at your event to set up and answer any questions. Professionally designed bid sheets are also offered for all of your auction items, including your organization’s own donated items. After the conclusion of the event, if some bidders choose not to take their winnings with them, items may be picked up from our Scottsdale showroom or can be shipped to the winning bidders for a nominal fee.

Throughout the process of planning and executing your event, there is no cost or risk to you!

Our friendly and knowledgeable fundraising specialists will work with you to determine the auction items best suited for your event, either through our website or in person in our Scottsdale showroom.

From exclusive sports, celebrity, music and entertainment memorabilia, to exotic vacation packages and more, we will provide you with the perfect items for your auction.

Since CBU donates 25% of each opening bid back to your organization, you are guaranteed to raise funds with even one bid. For every dollar bid thereafter, 100% of the funds will go right back to you. Plus, since all items are on consignment, any items that do not sell in your auction are simply returned back to us at no charge!

  1. The opening bid for a particular item is set at $100.
  2. 25% of this opening bid is automatically donated back to you ($25).
  3. The item sells for $500.
  4. You will receive $425 for that item and CBU will receive $75 (75% of the starting bid).

Our fundraising specialists are here to serve you! Below is a list of the services available for your event.

  • Item Selection
  • Auction Management
  • Payment Processing
  • Bid Sheet Design and Printing
  • Auction Item Set Up
  • Post-Event Item Shipping and Local Delivery

Some Of Our Partners



“Charity of the Month” donation program

In our continuing efforts to consistently help our clients exceed their fundraising goals and raise money for charities, we decided to take a page out of our own playbook. From now on, any in-office sales will automatically include a 10% donation to a designated charity each and every month!

So this month, retroactively, we will be donating all of these proceeds to Boys and Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Phoenix. We chose the Boys and Girls Club offices in Metro Phoenix due to the severe damage caused by the storm on August 12th. Come and see our unique memorabilia pieces and support this great cause.


Sweet Treats for Charity!

In honor of Dairy Queen’s “Miracle Treat Day” donating $1 or more from every blizzard to our local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, our CBU family decided to sneak in a little sweet treat to help beat the heat and wind down the week! Delicious ice cream for a great cause, what could be better?! Blizzards all around!

Visit your local DQ TODAY to donate!! Learn more about Children’s Miracle Network here:



Village DC Ranch 2013 (5)

Auctions in Action Fundraising Program

Community outreach is one of the most successful marketing tools any business can employ to help bring in customers. Auctions in Action is a program designed to help businesses reach out to their community while keeping in mind that managers and owners alike don’t have the time to handle the extra workload. Our goal is to help foster long-term partnerships between local businesses and their fellow local charities. Through this program and your help, we are already on our way to raising hundreds of thousands of dollars!


● Auctions in Action are being conducted in restaurants, health clubs, bars, hotels, and home centers; however, the options for successful venues are endless.

● A week-long silent auction can be set up in any high-traffic business with a minimal amount of space. There’s no need for you to sacrifice tables in your restaurant, or shelving for your merchandise. We’ll help you squeeze it in on tables we can provide.

● Our staff will handle everything from the initial setup to the final pickup. That includes maintaining the auction, contacting winning bidders, collecting funds, and coordinating shipment or pick up of auction items.

● Charity Benefits Unlimited will also promote your auction and the positive difference your business is making for the community via social media and the internet.

● We always want you to feel comfortable during the complete duration of your auction. There will always be NO liability to the hosting business if anything happens to any of the auction items.


Contact Us

If you would like more information on our Auctions in Action program by CBU or would like to schedule an appointment to visit our showroom, please contact us at:

Phone: (480)483-0525



A special thanks to Embassy Suites Phoenix-Scottsdale

Today we presented one of our Auction in Action partners, Embassy Suites Phoenix-Scottsdale, with a check for $2605.49 for Autism Speaks.

Over the course of the past year, Embassy Suites Phoenix-Scottsdale has helped generate over $12,000 in charity funds for various charities. We cannot thank our partners enough that remain diligent and dedicated to supporting their community in any way they can.

At Autism Speaks, their goal is to change the future for all who struggle with autism spectrum disorders. They are dedicated to funding global biomedical research into the causes, prevention, treatments and a possible cure for autism. They strive to raise public awareness about autism and its effects on individuals, families, and society: and work to bring hope to all who deal with the hardships of this disorder. They are committed to raising the funds necessary to support these goals.

We wouldn’t be able to do any of this without our Auction in Action partners! If you have interest in becoming an Auctions in Action partner at no cost to you or your business, please give us a call at (480) 483-0525 or email us at

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Charity Benefits Unlimited makes organizing and managing YOUR fundraising event fun, easy and stress-free. We can help you take YOUR fundraising event to the next level and our services are available with no risk and at no cost to you.