Every day, a new adventure.

With my desk located right next to our front door, I have the pleasure to meet every single person that crosses the threshold into CBU. Dad’s relive their favorite childhood memories as they step into our showroom. One man walks around the corner and finds two Yankee seats from the old stadium. He’s immediately thrown back in time to when his father took him to his first Yankee game in 1958.

There are the kids who take after their parents—knowing every single statistic of every single player that hangs on our showroom walls. I see our customers’ eyes light up in admiration of their favorite heroes.

I see event planners come in—horrified that they won’t be able to make their quota for the year. I see those same faces come in a week later with an ear to ear grin, speechless that they were able to raise the thousands that they did for their cause.

I can see Kyle from my desk, spending hour after hour making sure our inventory is forever expanding for our clients.

I hear Noelle on the phone with the next event planner—working out each meticulous detail so when our staff arrives for the event, everything runs just the way it’s supposed to.

Most importantly, every single day, I witness our paramount staff bend over backward for every single one of our customers. No matter who you are or what you’re looking for—we’re here to help and make your experience with us is absolutely impeccable.