Why We Love Fundraising

We here at Charity Benefits Unlimited pride ourselves on our ability to exceed our partner’s fundraising goals. Being able to demonstrate our passion through fundraising allows us to give back to the community that helped make this company what it is today.

This past Sunday, June 7th, we attended a dinner hosted by the ALS Association. Through our silent auction, we were able to help raise money for medical research and general awareness for Lou Gehrig’s disease. Partnering with amazing charities like ALS, Make-A-Wish, and Helping Hands, just to name a few, and raise money for fantastic causes is what we are all about.

Fundraising at these unique events allows us to not only raise money for diseases like ALS, but we also get to help with organizations that work with many other situations; such as wounded veterans, abandoned animals and children with life threatening illnesses. It allows us to span our work to countless charities, countries, and people.

We have executed over 5,000 silent auctions and have helped benefit well over 500 charities in our eight years, and each provides a different sense of satisfaction for us. Our love for fundraising allows us to come in each day knowing that at any given time we are helping someone, somewhere through our silent auctions.