How we do what we do

Often, our customers ask how we get our memorabilia—and while we maintain a variety of sources, our favorite way is by conducting our own signings with athletes and celebrities. We have found that we are able to offer exclusive and unique items by hosting our own signings. This allows for charities and non-profit organizations to ultimately raise more for their causes.

Here’s how they happen:

It’s two in the morning. The alarm pierces through the still air of silence in my apartment. It’s time to crawl into “Old Faithful” our black van, stuffed with boxing glove after boxing glove on my drive to Los Angeles. Each glove was meticulously unwrapped and prepared to be signed. Usually such events are under extreme time constrictions—therefore we are required to complete a day’s worth of work in an hour or less.

Setup is meticulous—each piece of memorabilia needs to be ready and easily accessible to those working at the signing. Our goal is to get as many pieces signed within an allotted time frame as possible, so when I set up for the athlete, I always keep that in mind. Typically, we have one person putting items in front of the athlete, one taking them away, and another putting them back into the packaging for protection. Things are rigorously timed and organized.

Usually, we get a number of pieces signed with just their name and then an additional set of pieces with what we call inscriptions. These inscriptions can be anything from statistics from their playing careers to popular nicknames that they gained during their careers.

During these signings, you never know the day will turn out. Some athletes are eager to be there, others put their headphones on and just focus on the task at hand. This weekend, we are conducting a signing with a famous athlete who has heard the ringing of a bell many times. Hilarity will ensue…and stories—they’ll be posted right here shortly!