Auctions in Action Fundraising Program

Community outreach is one of the most successful marketing tools any business can employ to help bring in customers. Auctions in Action is a program designed to help businesses reach out to their community while keeping in mind that managers and owners alike don’t have the time to handle the extra workload. Our goal is to help foster long-term partnerships between local businesses and their fellow local charities. Through this program and your help, we are already on our way to raising hundreds of thousands of dollars!


● Auctions in Action are being conducted in restaurants, health clubs, bars, hotels, and home centers; however, the options for successful venues are endless.

● A week-long silent auction can be set up in any high-traffic business with a minimal amount of space. There’s no need for you to sacrifice tables in your restaurant, or shelving for your merchandise. We’ll help you squeeze it in on tables we can provide.

● Our staff will handle everything from the initial setup to the final pickup. That includes maintaining the auction, contacting winning bidders, collecting funds, and coordinating shipment or pick up of auction items.

● Charity Benefits Unlimited will also promote your auction and the positive difference your business is making for the community via social media and the internet.

● We always want you to feel comfortable during the complete duration of your auction. There will always be NO liability to the hosting business if anything happens to any of the auction items.


Contact Us

If you would like more information on our Auctions in Action program by CBU or would like to schedule an appointment to visit our showroom, please contact us at:

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