Auctions in Action (AiA) program

As the year winds down, once again our most popular service is the Auctions in Action (AiA) program. We currently have seventeen active AiA silent auctions across the valley, including Dave and Buster’s, Maggiano’s Little Italy, Odysea Aquarium and Embassy Suites hotels.  Each week, our inventory specialists select new items to be rotated at each auction site.  At the same time, winning bidders are contacted for payment.   A variety of charities and service organizations are represented at the many AiA silent auctions across the valley, giving customers a wide range of choices as to which charity they wish to support.

What makes an effective AiA?   When an AiA host business is being considered, space and location are the most important factors for success.   Is there sufficient space at the front or near the front of the business for the auction items to be displayed? Is that space a high customer traffic area?  If the answers to these questions is yes, then the AiA program may be perfect for your business!

Charity Benefits Unlimited Auctions in Action

Auctions in Action Silent Auction at Buffalo Wild Wings

How does AiA benefit the host location?  Most importantly, AiA is good for business.  Raising money for charitable organizations and giving back to the community enhances your reputation and builds good will among your customers.  Our clients report that short-term or drop in customers have become loyal, long term customers because of the charitable contributions AiA provides for their communities.

Check presentation Rock Bottom Arrowhead

In partnership with Rock Bottom Arrowhead, we were proud to present a check for nearly $5k to Crusaders!

Remember, that when we say the AiA program is no cost to you, we mean no cost.  The AiA program requires limited resources from you, offers no risk to you, and leads to countless benefits for you.

Interested in starting an Auction in Action? Reach out to us for more information at or give us a call at 480-483-0525!

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